We, as INTE A.S, took our place in the business life and started to give service in construction and building materials sectors in 1986. After had being active in these sectors for many years, we continued our business projects in other sectors while increasing our success rate. Afterwards we decided to enterprise in the Medical Waste Sterilization industry benefiting from our past experiences and established our first Medical Waste Sterilization facility in Eskisehir in 2009.

We established our second Medical Waste Sterilization Facility in Tokat in December 2011. Inaddition to this, we completed our third facility in Mersin and started to give service in March 2012. Prescribed by European Union Laws and Norms, we have been keeping our close track with all municipalities in Turkiye related to medical waste sterilization and working on new projects to create a healthier waste management practises. Our company is a candidate to be the initiator in Turkiye about establishing medical waste elimination facilities with its experience, dynamism, quality standards, and well qualified work force.

INTE A.S transformed its 33-years experience and knowledge into giving fast and quality service to municipalities about waste management field.